A rich 125,000-year-old coastal ecosystem discovered under Ariane 6 in French Guiana

Environment - Apr 10

An international consortium of paleontologists, geologists and biologists describes the discovery of fossil assemblages spanning the last 130,000 years beneath the Ariane 6 rocket launch site in Kourou, French Guiana. The consortium, coordinated by scientists from the Montpellier Institute of Evolutionary Sciences (Université de Montpellier/CNRS/IRD) and the Université de Guyane/Géosciences Montpellier, includes Frédéric Quillévéré from the Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon : Terre, Planètrs, Environnement (LGL-TPE, CNRS/Université Lyon 1/ENS de Lyon/Université Jean Monnet).

Life Sciences - Apr 10

Under the watchful eye of scientists, viruses become the muses of therapeutic innovation.

Life Sciences

Work by a consortium of scientists, including a team from the Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie (CIRI, CNRS/Inserm/ENS de Lyon/Univer

Surprising role of female sex pheromone in crop pest: new biocontrol possibilities?

Life Sciences

INRAE researchers have discovered that female pheromones play a remarkable role in the African cotton moth.

Health - Apr 10

Respiratory allergies: newly discovered molecule plays a major role in triggering inflammation


Inflammation plays a major role in allergic diseases, affecting at least 17 million people in France, including 4 million asthmatics.

A protohistoric burial site at Marliens (Côte-d’Or)

History & Archeology

Inrap archaeologists conducted an excavation at Marliens, some twenty kilometers east of Dijon, prior to the extension of a gravel pit (Eqiom) in the Ouche valley, a tributary of the Saône.

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Biobank Technician (100%) CK-CARE AG, Davos Wolfgang
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