Predicting a crop field’s weather

Environment - Jul 18

As the world tries to adapt to climate change, a major challenge is accurately predicting local-level meteorological conditions, such as those found in agricultural landscapes. INRAE researchers recently made a significant step forward: using a supercomputer, they simulated a forest plot's micrometeorological conditions in the early morning. This time period has rarely been modelled at such fine scales, yet it plays a crucial role in predicting the functioning of cultivated ecosystems. Published on July 18 in the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, this work demonstrates that meteorological forecasts can be obtained at an extremely high level of resolution (~1 metre), making it possible to develop targeted agricultural strategies for mitigating the effects of climate change on crops.

More vegetarian dishes on the menu: a successful experiment in university catering

Agronomy & Food Science

Since January 1, 2023, the Egalim law has required public establishments to offer a vegetarian option every day.

Health - Jul 11

Dietary fiber improves glycemic control thanks to immune cells


Jannis Brandt Unsplash The intestinal immune system is an indispensable intermediary in the complex association between diet and metabolism: without i

Environment - Jul 16

How AI can help identify bees exposed to pesticides


Researchers at INRAE and the National Autonomous University of Mexico have combined flight activity data for honey bees with AI modelling to create a high performing toxicovigilance tool. The results of their study, published in Ecological Informatics, confirm that the tool can alert users to risks to honey bee populations caused by exposure to neurotoxic pesticides.

Life Sciences - Jul 10

Discovery of a new defence mechanism in bacteria

Life Sciences

When confronted with an antibiotic, toxic substance, or other source of considerable stress, bacteria are able to activate a defence mechanism using c

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