Mechanobiology exerts creative pressure

Life Sciences - May 23
Life Sciences

Numerous cellular phenomena are guided by mechanical forces, such as embryonic development or the spread of metastases. These phenomena are the subject of intense research aimed at understanding how they are translated into biological processes. Particular emphasis is being placed on new opportunities to treat diseases as resistant as cancer or fibrosis.

Life Sciences - May 22

Hallucinogenic mushrooms to treat alcohol addiction

Life Sciences

A ground-breaking study conducted by INSERM's Groupe de Recherches sur l'Alcool et les Pharmacodépendances (GRAP) opens up new therapeutic perspect

Environment - May 17

Preventive locust management: humanitarian crises averted


A new study, published by scientists from CIRAD and INRAE, provides a state-of-the-art assessment of the risk of Desert Locust invasions in West and

Anthropology, a shared discipline

Social Sciences

Since 2022, anthropology has been in the spotlight at CNRS. Caroline Bodolec, the deputy scientific director behind this initiative, looks back at the main mediation actions around the discipline after it "put on a show" on April 30, 2024.

Health - May 13

Breast cancer: a study evaluates the time it takes to return to work


After how long do women treated for breast cancer return to work? Until now, there has been little national data on this important aspect of the patient's care.

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