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Innovation - Business - Apr 24, 2019
SEMI partners with imec, CEA-Leti and Fraunhofer to drive innovation and deepen industry alignment on technology roadmaps and international.standards. MILPITAS, Calif.
Business - Jun 20, 2018

Does the arrival of asylum seekers lead to a deterioration in the economic performance and public finances of the European countries that host them? The answer is no, according to economists from the CNRS, Clermont-Auvergne University, and Paris-Nanterre University, 1 who have estimated a dynamic statistical model based on thirty years of data from fifteen countries in Western Europe.

Business - Nov 1, 2017

Asian elephant populations in Laos, which are under a process of commodification, have dropped by half in the last 30 years.

Life Sciences - Business - Dec 16, 2016

Three INRA researchers have analyzed the scientific literature on the efficacy or durability of Bt transgenic plants in terms of the possible link of interest between this research and the biotechnology industries.

Business - Life Sciences - Mar 1, 2018

Risk taking, cooperation and competition are the ingredients for entrepreneurial success, which CNRS and ESCP Europe ( View web site ) researchers 1 have been looking into.

Business - Feb 27, 2017

As part of the DEPHY-Ferme network, a major component of the French government's EcoPhyto plan to reduce and improve plant protection product use, researchers from INRA working with the company Agr

Social Sciences - Business - Sep 28, 2016
Social Sciences - Business

French and German members of parliament (MPs) are both open to granting more competencies to the EU in the fields of defence and immigration policy.

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