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Astronomy - Sep 10
This year, the CNRS Gold Medal, one of France's most prestigious scientific distinctions, has been awarded to the astrophysicist Françoise Combes. As a specialist in the dynamics of galaxies, she has uncovered a wide range of phenomena that explain their formation and evolution.
Astronomy - Sep 2

The gravitational wave 1 detectors LIGO and Virgo have just chalked up their biggest catch yet, a black hole 142 times the mass of the Sun, resulting from the merger of two black holes of 85 and 66 solar masses.

Chemistry - Aug 27

The Earth is the only planet known to have liquid water on its surface, a fundamental characteristic when it comes to explaining the emergence of life.

Social Sciences - Aug 12
Social Sciences

The gender of the human remains found inside a cremation pyre pit in Beisamoun, Israel remains unknown.

Astronomy - Aug 5

New Juno results suggest that the violent thunderstorms taking place in Jupiter's atmosphere may form ammonia-rich hail, or 'mushballs', that play a key role in the planet's atmospheric dynamics.

Earth Sciences - Aug 27
Earth Sciences

O n 11 November 2019 , a magnitude 5 earthquake occurred near the village of Le Teil in the Rhône River Valley in southern France producing an unexpected surface rupture with ground displacement.

Health - Aug 13

Since the late 1990s, immunotherapy has been the frontline treatment against lymphomas where synthetic antibodies are used to stop the proliferation of cancerous white blood cells.

History - Aug 5

Stone fluted points dating back some 8,000 to 7,000 years ago, were discovered on archaeological sites in Manayzah, Yemen and Ad-Dahariz, Oman.

Life Sciences - Aug 3
Life Sciences

Researchers at the Institut Curie have recently shown that cancer cells use a membrane protein that has been known for several decades to internalise iron.

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