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Location: Paris - Ile-de-France
15-21 Rue de l’École de Médecine, 75006 Paris


Life Sciences - Nov 30

25 000. students. 193. bachelor degrees. 192. master degrees. 13.

Career - Nov 21

The Sorbonne University Doctoral College was created for its twenty-three doctoral schools, and approved by the Board of Directors on November 14, 2023. Following a two-year consultation process involving all categories of staff and representatives of doctoral candidates, Sorbonne University, like most other French universities, created a Doctoral College.

Career - Nov 8

Several researchers from our partner establishments, and hosted at Sorbonne University, are ERC 2023 Starting Grant and Synergy Grant winners. Thomas Andrillon , researcher at the Brain Institute, for the "SleepingAwake" project, (Sleep intrusions during wakefulness and their cognitive consequences).

Campus - Nov 6

University - Aware of the risks of foreign interference and technological capture of university activities, Sorbonne University is implementing best practices to protect research and education. An interview with Philippe Boulanger, in charge of protecting our scientific and technical potential.

Media - Nov 3

Interview with Pierre-Marie Chauvin, SOUND's political sponsor and Vice-President for Arts, Sciences, Culture and Society. A few months after the launch of SOUND, Pierre-Marie Chauvin reviews the progress and prospects of this major transdisciplinary project.

Campus - Nov 15

European Engagement University - On November 8 and 9, Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, visited Paris to inaugurate the Ukrainian Cultural Institute and raise funds for its humanitarian foundation.

Health - Nov 8

Foundation - The MSDAVENIR Fund renews its support for excellent research carried out at Sorbonne University and becomes a patron of the VIRONMENT* project, led by Professor Jean-Philippe Spano - PU-PH Sorbonne University in the UMRS 1136 research unit, Dr Baptiste Abbar and Dr. Vincent Vieillard in collaboration with GH AP-HP.

Chemistry - Nov 6

Between 13,000 and 9,650 years ago, the Natoufian culture developed on the eastern Mediterranean coast of northern Israel. According to recent discoveries, these hunter-gatherers were the first to use red pigments of organic origin.

Health - Nov 2

On October 18, 2023, Catherine Tourette-Turgis, Professor of Competence and Vulnerability and founder of the Université des Patients - Sorbonne University, received the Pink Ribbon Award in support of breast cancer research.

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