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Health - May 23

In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we spoke with Franck Zal, a doctor in marine biology from Sorbonne University and founder of the company Hemarina. At the time, HEMO2life - their flagship product created from the hemoglobin of the marine worm, the arenicole - was envisaged to improve the oxygenation of patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome. Three years later, HEMO2life obtained the CE mark for its action on the preservation of grafts awaiting transplantation. The product can now be marketed in Europe.

Culture University - In his first phase of research, Kaspar Ravel, artist in residence at Sorbonne University, met passionate researchers who are a real source of inspiration. He tells us about these encounters, the different aspects of his artistic project and the next steps of his residency.

Life Sciences - May 10

Restoring sight to blind people thanks to a therapy that combines genetics and ultrasound is the hope of Serge Picaud's team, director of the Vision Institute *, and the Physics for Medicine Laboratory of the ESPCI ** in partnership with the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology of Basel.

Health - Apr 18

An innovative research program on the theme of "Nutrition and Obesity: Systemic Approaches", led by Professor Karine Clément and her team, benefits from the sponsorship of Quercia Venture Management. We are currently experiencing a global epidemic of obesity resulting from the interactions between our genetic heritage and numerous environmental factors.

While Notre-Dame de Paris is being rebuilt, scientists and restorers are working hand in hand to better understand and preserve its stained glass decoration.

Campus - May 11

Culture - May is Diversity Month at Sorbonne University! Discover the programme of the 2023 edition. Diversity Month 2023 is dedicated to the memory of Beate Collet, who passed away on April 4. Beate Collet showed immense devotion as a sociology professor, the vice director of the GEMASS joint research unit, and the head of the mission "fight against discriminations." Our thoughts are with her family.

Health - Apr 21

CYTOBACT: Combining cell surface biomarkers of circulating leukocytes in flow cytometry to differentiate bacterial and viral infections in the emergency department. The identification of the bacterial or viral etiology of an infection is rarely available in real time to the clinician, especially in the emergency room.

Environment - Apr 14

. COP27, Egypt. Emmanuel Macron declares, before an assembly of heads of state and governments from all over the world, that France supports the prohibition of all mining of the deep seabed. If the country - the first maritime area in the world - is taking a big step forward, the game is not however won to protect the deep sea. Why exploit them, what are these coveted minerals, where are they, what does the law say, what are the threats to the environment?

Health - Apr 14

The Covid epidemic has disappeared from the media in France, but not from the population. What is the situation in hospitals? And what about the vulnerable people who continue to be affected? Prof. Karine Lacombe, infectious diseases specialist and Head of the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department (Hôpital Saint-Antoine, Paris), assesses the situation based on available data.

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