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Single-cell technologies mark the dawn of a new era

Life Sciences - Jul 17
Life Sciences

Single-cell technologies for the analysis of genomic data enable scientists to better study tissue mechanisms and heterogeneity at the scale of a cell.

Research Management - Jul 17

Europe: ’Basic research should be central to the next Framework Programme’

As the final phase of strategic programming draws near for Horizon Europe, the framework programme for research and innovation, the European Commission has begun preparing its successor FP10 (10th Framework Programme), which will take effect in 2027. The CNRS is actively contributing to this future programme, emphasising basic research, European attractiveness, mobility, and collaborative research at more preliminary technological stages. An in-depth look with Antoine Petit, the CNRS Chairman & CEO.

Life Sciences - Jul 10

Discovery of a new defence mechanism in bacteria

Life Sciences

When confronted with an antibiotic, toxic substance, or other source of considerable stress, bacteria are able to activate a defence mechanism using c

Research Management - Jul 8

Its position paper for the European Union’s future framework program for research and innovation

CNRS unveils its position paper for the European Union's future framework program for research and innovation As the last strategic programming phase of the European Union's Framework Program for Research and Innovation, Hori

James Webb Space Telescope provides first hints of evidence of the existence of an ocean exoplanet

Astronomy & Space

A team of CNRS planetary scientists 1 working in collaboration with astronomers from the University of Montréal has presented first evidence that the

Research Management - Jul 11

ERC Proof of Concept grants - first 2024 winners announced

Two of the ten French winners of the first wave of the European Research Council's (ERC) Proof of Concept call for 2024 are hosted by CNRS.

Physics - Jul 9

2024 CNRS Innovation Medal: meet the three winners


The chemist Cyril Aymonier, the physicist Lydéric Bocquet, and the quantum physics specialist Eleni Diamanti are the winners of the 2024 CNRS Innovation Medal.

Physics - Jul 8

A new collaboration between public and private research studying the electromagnetism of ships


Naval Group, a major international actor in naval defence, the CNRS, the Université Grenoble Alpes, and Grenoble INP-UGA inaugurated on 5 July the NEL (Naval Electromagnetism Laboratory) associated laboratory to study the electromagnetic signatures generated by military ships.

A new breakthrough in understanding regeneration in a marine worm

Life Sciences

The sea worm Platynereis dumerilii is only a few centimetres long but has a remarkable ability: in just a few days, it can regenerate entire parts of its body after an injury or amputation.