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Discipline: Microtechnics

Why does the microelectronics industry occupy such a crucial place? How has the industry become central to the digital transformation of our society?. Today, electronic components can be found in everyday life, from energy production to agriculture, health, and safety. They are in cars, telecommunications, computers, appliances, medical devices, toys, TVs, industrial automation, etc. These components, a vast majority of which come from semi-conductors, are used to measure, store, and send information, produce data, or control remotely. Without these components, there can be no digital technology. For example, designing smartphones would be impossible, since they require 500 to 600 components! For the past several years, these underlying trends around uses have been fostering a high demand for electronic components.

GRENOBLE, France - July 7, 2022 - Inspired by the barn owl's neuroanatomy, CEA-Leti has developed an event-driven, object-localization system that couples state-of-the-art piezoelectric, ultrasound transducer sensors to a neuromorphic, resistive memories-based computational map.

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