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Life Sciences - May 25
Life Sciences
A team led by scientists from the Institut Jacques Monod (CNRS/Université de Paris) 1 have shown that French prehistory was punctuated by two waves of migration: the first during the Neolithic period, about 6,300 years ago, the second during the Bronze Age, about 4,200 years ago.
Environment - May 25

Global warming is causing species to search for more temperate environments in which to migrate to, but it is marine species - according to the latest results of a Franco-American study mainly invo

Life Sciences - May 22
Life Sciences

Meiosis is essential to sexual reproduction. For almost 15 years, it has been commonly held that retinoic acid, a molecule derived from vitamin A, triggers meiosis in mammalian germ cells.

Earth Sciences - May 18
Earth Sciences

The surface of the planet Mars bears probable traces of -sedimentary volcanism-, a geological phenomenon that leads to the eruption of mud from underground.

Environment - May 11

In the past few weeks, oil prices have fallen to record lows. This development was not predicted by the Hotelling rule, an equation proposed in 1931 that remains central to the economics of natural resources today.

Health - May 25

The consortium formed by the biotechnology company SKILLCELL, a subsidiary of the ALCEN group, the CNRS SYS2DIAG laboratory (CNRS/ALCEN) and the digital company VOGO announces the production and marketing phases of the saliva test for the detection of SARS-COV-2 called EasyCov.

History - May 19

Like humans, the house mouse, or Mus musculus sp ., is widespread throughout the world, making it the most invasive rodent species.

Life Sciences - May 14
Life Sciences

Scientists from the CNRS and the ENS-PSL in France 1 and Monash University in Australia have shown that the brain suppresses information from the outside world, such as the sound of a conversation, during the sleep phase linked to dreaming.

Health - May 6

The Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM), an open source ventilator to support patients severely ill with COVID-19, has moved from design to reality in six weeks, propelled by physicists specialised in dark matter who turned their attention away from unknown particles for this period.

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