Aix-Marseille Université joins the UVED Foundation

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Membership in the UVED is the result of Aix-Marseille Université’s desire to train a large part of the student community in the challenges of the ecological and social transition. This desire is in line with the Jean Jouzel report of February 16, which is to "Raise awareness and provide training on the challenges of the ecological transition and sustainable development in higher education".

Training students in these issues requires the training of trainers, offered in conjunction with the CIPE (Center for Pedagogical Innovation and Evaluation and the provision of pedagogical tools) whose missions are to support, develop, and enhance the pedagogical skills of teachers, teacher-researchers and lecturers. Its objective is the development of quality teaching, thus promoting student success. This is why membership in the UVED is a real added value for the university.

The missions of the UVED:

  • Foster free and open access to knowledge in the field of the environment and ecological transition.
  • To best equip teachers to train themselves and their students in environmental and societal issues
  • .
  • Support institutions in integrating Sustainable Development (SD) and Social Responsibility (SR) issues into teaching.
  • Make knowledge accessible to all for free, raise awareness, inform, educate and train the largest number of citizens, by offering MOOCs on major societal challenges and environmental issues.
  • Assisting in the orientation of high school and university students with a MOOC "Discovering the jobs of the Ecological Transition, creating jobs."

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