Discover the new winners of the A*Midex calls for projects - January 2023

This month, the A*Midex Foundation has accredited 7 projects for a total amount of approximately 1.5 M¤ that applied to the Interdisciplinarity and Chair of Excellence 2021 calls.

Chair of Excellence 2021

For the call Chair of Excellence - whose objective is to attract and stabilize international scientific and educational talent on the Aix-Marseille site - 1 project has been selected:
Mr. Waisbord M. Waisbord, for his project "Bacterial motility and biodiversity in porous media" Ecomix at the Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne (LCB), has been selected as part of the A*Midex individual chairs.

    His project aims at understanding the role of bacterial mobility in their transport, colonization and niche partitioning in porous media. He focuses on the mobility of magnetotactic bacteria. He plans to study their motilities in porous media using video-microscopy, as well as the colonization process of porous media by this bacterial group.
    The project proposes to contribute to the training, in particular by interdisciplinary internships (Master 2) (microbiology, physics, engineering.
    Budget financed by A*Midex: 782 880 € over 3 years

I nterdisicplinarity

For the call Interdisciplinarity - designed to recognize and encourage innovative interdisciplinary approaches in response to the scientific and societal challenges of today and tomorrow - 6 new projects have been selected for a total amount of more than
750 000 ¤:

MEASURED for the acquisition of an analytical ultracentrifuge for the characterization of macromolecules, macro-complexes and nanoparticles.
A project led by Laurent Fasano at the MARMARA Institute
Budget financed by A*Midex: 100 000 ¤.

VRAK3D for the acquisition of all their equipment.
A project led by Pierre Drap within the ARKAIA Institute
Budget financed by A*Midex: 100 000 €.

SEMEDO-BASE for the acquisition of a software allowing the MS/MS reading of massive data stored in polymers.
A project led by Marc-Emmanuel Bellemare at the Imaging Institute
Budget financed by A*Midex: ¤50,000

3DTUMOR for the acquisition of equipment allowing bio-inspired Raman spectro-microscopy to extend and advance the chemical characterization of biosynthesized materials.
A project led by Serge Van Pavert at the Cancer Immunology Institute
Budget financed by A*Midex: 100 000 €.

Low@LHC for the acquisition of equipment to study cryogenic crystals and surfaces.
A project led by Aoife Bharucha at the IPhu Institute for the Unit
Budget financed by A*Midex : 100 000 ¤.

EXOMIOLE for the acquisition of acousto-optic deflectors for all-optical (neuro-)physiology.
A project led by Yohan Quesnel in the Unit of Neurobiology of Ion Channels and Synapse (UNIS).
Budget financed by A*Midex: 300 000 €.