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The Arts, Cultures & Sciences axis of the Mission Interdisciplinarité(s) organizes two days of events in the framework of the second edition of Scientifica.

After a first "pilot" edition of this event dedicated to the arts/sciences encounter and organized by the Interdisciplinarity(s) mission in 2022, the second edition of Scientifica will be held over two days and will present projects/productions proposed by a diversity of laboratories, components and structures of Aix Marseille Université.

June 16 & 17, 2023 - Aix-en-Provence - Le Cube - Schuman Campus

During two days, Scientifica #2 proposes to open the doors of the Schuman campus in Aix-en-Provence and to present arts/sciences productions and projects in a participative and interactive way, for students as well as the public and specific audiences. This year, Scientifica privileges thematic entries: the sea, the light, the environment, human/non-human, the world of tomorrow...

The objective is to arouse the curiosity and to question the visitors on the aesthetic dimension of scientific productions and on the scientific dimension of aesthetic productions. The different sectors (human and social sciences, experimental sciences, art sciences, etc.) participate in this original exchange, which leads artists, researchers and audiences off the beaten track. As for the first edition, Scientifica #2 will also include: meeting times with artists, researchers, students; highlights with new, immersive experiences, interactive installations; a focus on research/creation and arts/sciences theses ; participative mediations conceived for different audiences; screenings of on arts/sciences projects/productions; a small lounge with a playlist sound programming ; convivial moments, etc.

Immersive installations, workshops and experiments, artists’ performances, new sound experiences, an escape game, virtual reality dives...


  • Friday afternoon: Arts&sciences (definition and perimeter of the arts/sciences field today, dedicated devices and structures, focus on the question of reception and audiences)
  • Saturday afternoon: The art of the thesis (research/creation and interdisciplinary arts/sciences theses, testimonies and feedback, career paths and professionalization of young French and European artist-researchers)

With the participation of the TRAS Network (Transversale des réseaux arts sciences), CIREC , RESSAC (Festival de REchercheS ! en Sciences, Arts et Création)


Laboratories :

Partners from the artistic and cultural worlds :

This event is free and open to all.

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