Event INSTITUT-SoMuM Symposium - Creation ’in exile’: art, justice and migration (April 4-5, 2024)

This symposium is supported by the Institut Sociétés en Mutation en Méditerranée (SoMuM), as part of SoMuM’s Call for Projects 2024 - Support for scientific events.


What are the spaces and conditions of artistic creation in exile? How is artivism to be understood in relation to migration? How can art "demonstrate" injustice and violence? What injunctions lie behind the figure of the "artist in exile"- By critically questioning the relationship between art, justice and migration, this symposium proposes a multidisciplinary reflection around three themes: firstly, the role of cultural structures in welcoming artists in danger, during and after the emergencies that force them to leave. Secondly, mobilization and resistance through art, which raises the question of the link between aesthetics and politics. Finally, the way in which new creative processes can bear witness to forms of injustice.


Thursday, April 4th

9:15am-9:30am: Introduction by the organizing committee
9:30am-11:15am: During and after the emergency: the mobilization of cultural structures for artists in danger
11:30am-1pm: Archives and exhibitions: how to (de)construct narratives on art "in exile".

Lunch break

2pm-2.30pm: Borders (in)visible. Short film by Ali Zareghanatnowi and Melissa Moralli
2:30pm-4pm: Artivism and migration
4:15pm-6pm: Crossing the Mediterranean Sea: alternative investigative writing
6:30pm: CIRQUIN. A show by Órion Lalli

Friday April 5th

9:30am-11am: The right to the city: citizenship and appropriation of public space
11:15am-12:45pm: Gender and migration: the body as a political space

Lunch break

2pm-2.45pm: Closing lecture by Michel Agier
2.45pm-4.15pm: The art of proving: bearing witness to violence through a creative process


Mucem, Fort Saint-Jean - MucemLab (Vieux Port entrance), Marseille