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CEDRE, the Centre de formation et de soutien aux données de la recherche, invites you to its new webinar on Wednesday April 17 from 1 to 2 pm.

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Personal data protection and AI: CNIL recommendations for the world of Research

The RGPD requires compliance with certain rules for the use of personal data in scientific research, such as identifying a legal basis, choosing a purpose, informing people or exercising their rights. The CNIL, the authority in charge of monitoring the application of these rules, has specified how they apply to artificial intelligence projects in its publications, where some best practices can also be found.

Alexis Léautier Artificial Intelligence engineer at the CNIL, will present these recommendations during this webinar and answer any questions you may have. For the past three years, he has been contributing to the development of the regulator’s doctrine on artificial intelligence. Thanks to expertise acquired in the fields of autonomous cars and data science applied to electricity consumption, he has participated in CNIL publications on subjects such as federated learning, synthetic data and, more generally, the challenges that AI systems pose for privacy.

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