International DRI Strengthening cooperation in the Mediterranean: a student perspective

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Last February, during the Forum des Mondes Méditerranéens, the Téthys consortium invited about thirty students to meet in a general assembly to reflect on university cooperation in the Mediterranean. At the end of this unprecedented meeting, a declaration sealed the various proposals of the students in terms of mobility, cultural exchanges and projects in the region.

After several sessions of remote work, about thirty Téthys students from Algeria, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia, participated in the Forum of Mediterranean Worlds and carried the voice of the youth of the region. This moment of meetings and exchanges was led by the Master European and International Studies of AMU and made possible thanks to the support provided by the Interministerial Delegation to the Mediterranean and the Erasmus + EUROSUD program to students from the southern shore.

As a result of long reflections, a declaration was drafted, bearing the hope of a Mediterranean cooperation more oriented towards mobility opportunities, solid cultural exchanges, entrepreneurial projects, extended networking and training seminars.

The declaration of the Téthys students

The Téthys GA of the forum allowed the students of the consortium to draw up a set of proposals on :

  • Training , by proposing the development of virtual exchanges and the establishment of a virtual information platform common to the universities of the Téthys network listing the various training opportunities and student grants.
  • Entrepreneurship , by promoting access to international job offers and meetings between students, graduates - alumni and actors of the socio-economic world.
  • Mobility, by communicating more about all mobility opportunities and by covering the related costs.

We strongly believe that student and youth mobility is the first condition for a fruitful cooperation between Mediterranean universities and for the construction of an inclusive, peaceful and prosperous Euro-Mediterranean space. A barrier-free and facilitated mobility can only encourage students to pursue their studies abroad and to fulfil their professional project.

About Téthys

The consortium of Euro-Mediterranean universities Téthys was created in January 2000 with the aim of

  • Building a place of cultural and scientific exchanges allowing to bring a strong and perennial contribution to the construction of the Euro-Mediterranean Space of Higher Education, Research and Innovation;
  • Promoting cooperation between Euro-Mediterranean countries through the sharing of knowledge, the harmonization of knowledge and the exchange of cultures;
  • Developing "win-win" partnerships between the North, the South and the East of the Mediterranean.

The Téthys consortium led by Aix-Marseille Université brings together the main universities of the Maghreb, the Mashreq and the countries of Southern Europe. It currently includes more than 70 universities in 19 countries.

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