Research DIRCOM AlpSatellites - Remote work in the Alps: Readiness, opportunities and barriers

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The AlpSatellites project is making waves in exploring the potential of remote work in alpine and rural areas.

Recent workshops in France, Italy, and Austria have unearthed crucial insights and solutions for the future of remote work. French workshop revealed a high demand for services and activities, highlighting the need for innovative solutions. Italian Workshop uncovered existing locations ready for transformation into co-working spaces, paving the way for a more flexible work environment, while Austrian workshop explored the importance of flexibility and additional services for thriving co-working spaces, setting the stage for success.

On September 22, elected representatives and professionals from the Grand Briançonnais region gathered to review progress and contribute to shaping the future of remote work in rural mountain areas. This dynamic phase highlights the importance of early targeting co-working spaces’ users and developing solutions which are affordable for the public sector.

The results of the workshops are strongly intertwined with the research results available on the AlpSatellites project website.