Research MEFHLD Study day of the Human Rights Defender - Discrimination in higher education: from observation to action

Defénseur des Droits 20 octobre 2022 Amélie Samba pour AMU
Defénseur des Droits 20 octobre 2022 Amélie Samba pour AMU
On Thursday, October 20, the Human Rights Defender organized a study day in Paris on discrimination in higher education.
Based on several research projects and initiatives supported by the Human Rights Defender, a collective reflection was initiated on the fight against discrimination and the promotion of equality in public higher education. It aims to open the debate based on an updated state of knowledge on discrimination and to encourage exchange and dialogue between all the actors concerned in order to act effectively in the prevention and management of discrimination.
Amélie Samba, a legal expert from Aix Marseille University’s Service for Respect and Equality, took part in the round table discussion on ’Legal obligations and recourse in the event of discrimination’.

About this event (extract from the program)
According to article L.123-2 of the Education Code, the public service of higher education contributes to the fight against discrimination, to the reduction of social or cultural inequalities, to the improvement of student life conditions and to the construction of an inclusive society. While the field of higher education and research is beginning to be fairly well analyzed in France from the perspective of gender relations, the issue of discrimination against both staff and students is still poorly documented, even though the legal obligations of institutions have increased in recent years in this area. Alongside gender equality, violence, harassment and sexist behaviour, all forms of discrimination must be addressed by the prevention and reporting mechanisms of higher education and research.

Aix Marseille University, which is strongly committed to this issue, inaugurated its service for respect and equality in May 2022. Amélie Samba, after a much-appreciated presentation, answered many questions from the audience. This internal, independent, professionalized and unique system in France makes Aix-Marseille University a proactive and pioneering university in this area.

The day was attended by Sylvie Retailleau, Minister of Higher Education and Research, Claire Hédon, French Human Rights Defender, George Pau-Langevin, Deputy in charge of the fight against discrimination and the promotion of equality, and Julie Guerreiro, and Samuel Ghilès-Meilhac, in charge of secularism, racism and anti-Semitism, in the Department of Societal and Environmental Challenges of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, as well as a number of members of the CPED ( Conférence Permanente des charg. e.s de mission Egalité et Diversité .

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