Sorbonne University, a world-class player in AI

Sorbonne University has established itself as an influential player in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) research on a global scale.

An analysis conducted by SCAI and covering the period 2018-2022 reveals that Sorbonne University has distinguished itself in a research landscape dominated by the United States, Canada and Asia. This assessment is based on a methodology focusing on leading AI conferences and associated bibliometric data. It allows us to draw up a precise picture of the influence of Sorbonne University in this rapidly evolving field.

In France, Sorbonne University is the third most prolific institution in the field of AI, contributing 8% of national publications. This performance puts it around 20th place in Europe. And when we restrict the analysis to institutions having published at least 50 articles, Sorbonne University takes first place in France, fourth in Europe and around 30th globally.

Between 2018 and 2022, five articles published by Sorbonne University are among the top 1% of citations in the country, thus rivaling the best institutions in the world.

"Sorbonne University’s achievements in the field of AI are an eloquent testimony to our research potential and our commitment to excellence. We are proud of this progress, but we also recognize that to become an undisputed European leader, we must intensify our efforts in terms of interdisciplinary and intersectoral work", explains Gérard Biau, director of SCAI.

The university is engaged in strategic collaborations with industry leaders and research institutions, including Valeo, INRIA and Meta. On an international scale, it maintains strong partnerships on this theme with institutions such as University College of London, Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh. These collaborations demonstrate the university’s commitment to fostering an international research community, fostering the exchange of ideas and expertise across borders.

Nationally, Sorbonne University has consolidated its status as a center of academic excellence through close ties with renowned French institutions such as Université Paris Cité, PSL and Inserm. "The future of AI depends not only on technology, but also on the synergy between academic disciplines, industrial sectors and international partnerships," concludes the director of SCAI.