Valuation AMIDEX Discover the new winners of the A*Midex calls for projects - November 2022

This month, the A*Midex Foundation has accredited 16 projects for a total amount of about 6 M¤ which applied to the following calls: Equipment - Research component, Start-up Partnership of the Transfer Program and Chair of Excellence 2021.

Chair of Excellence 2021

For the call Chair of Excellence - of which the objective is to attract and stabilize scientific and educational talent of international standing on the Aix-Marseille site - 1 project has been selected:

Mr. Viasnoff Director of the IRL 3639 BioMechanics of Cell-Cell Contacts and Professor at the National University of Singapore, has been selected as an A*Midex Individual Chair.
His project "Mechano Technologies for organoid development" aims to create new technologies to monitor, image and quantify organoid development.
Budget financed by A*Midex: 599 812 €.

Transfer Program Start-up Partnership

For the Start-up Partnershipcall of the Transfer Program - whose objective is to encourage the development of collaborations between academic actors and young start-ups incubated on the Aix-Marseille site - 1 project has been selected:

NANOPOL Optical compass bio-inspired by NANO-printing of POLARIZING filters.
A project led by Julien Serres at the Institut des Sciences du Mouvement - Etienne Jules Marey (ISM) in partnership with the company SOLNIL.
Budget financed by A*Midex: 102 850 € over 18 months

Equipment partnership - Research component

For the Equipment call - of which the objective is to support research units on the Aix-Marseille site that wish to acquire new equipment to develop and strengthen their capacity to implement their research programs - 13 projects have been selected for a total amount of more than ¤5.5M:

UCAFORSUD for the acquisition of an analytical ultracentrifuge for the characterization of macromolecules, macro-complexes and nanoparticles.
A project led by Pascal Barbier at the Institute of Neurophysiopathology (INP).
Budget financed by A*Midex : 492 277 ¤.

ELT-LAM for the acquisition of all their equipment.
A project led by Jean-Luc Beuzit at the Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory (LAM).
Budget financed by A*Midex: 300 000 €.

MassReader for the acquisition of a software allowing the MS/MS reading of massive data stored in polymers.
A project led by Laurence Charles at the Institute of Radical Chemistry (ICR).
Budget financed by A*Midex : 350 000 €.

BioRaman@BIAM for the acquisition of equipment allowing bio-inspired Raman spectro-microscopy to extend and advance the chemical characterization of biosynthesized materials.
A project led by Daniel Chevrier at the Aix-Marseille Institute of Biosciences and Biotechnologies (BIAM).
Budget financed by A*Midex: 436 200 ¤.

CRIUM for the acquisition of equipment to study cryogenic crystals and surfaces.
A project led by Stephane Coussan in the Physics of Ion and Molecular Interactions Laboratory (PIIM).
Budget financed by A*Midex : 444 600 ¤.

AOD4AOP for the acquisition of acousto-optic deflectors for all-optical (neuro-)physiology.
A project led by Dominique Debanne in the Unit of Neurobiology of Ion Channels and Synapse (UNIS).
Budget financed by A*Midex : 412 165 €.

DETHRONE for the acquisition of equipment to decipher the role of neutrophils in immunothrombosis.
A project led by Christophe Dubois at the Center for Cardiovascular and Nutrition Research (C2VN).
Budget financed by A*Midex: ¤377,015

PRISM for the acquisition of a system to set up a research platform on immersive sound and multisensory environments.
A project led by Richar Kronland-Martinet within the Perception, Representations, Image, Sound, Music Unit (PRISM).
Budget financed by A*Midex: ¤475,000

RAPIDO for the acquisition of equipment for high frequency optical diagnostics.
A project led by Thomas Leweke at the Institute for Research on Non-Equilibrium Phenomena (IRPHE).
Budget financed by A*Midex : 498 776 €.

DEFI-PRISM to complete the CPER funding for the project of a shared platform of spectroscopy and spectromicroscopy PRISM
A project led by Pierre Muller at the Centre Interdsiciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille (CINAM)
Budget financed by A*Midex: 500 000 €.

MinSampEM for the acquisition of a pipeline for the miniaturized preparation of samples for single particle cryo-electron microscopy.
A project led by Juan Reguera in the Architecture and Function of Biological Macromolecules unit (AFMB).
Budget financed by A*Midex: 474 000 €.

RaMMp for the acquisition of equipment for rapid mechanical mapping of large biological samples using micro force.
A project led by Felix Rico in the Adhesion and Inflammation Unit (LAI).
Budget financed by A*Midex : 420 900 €.

TranspISod for the acquisition of a trans-species imaging system of sodium by UHF brain MRI.
A project led by Wafaa Zaaraoui at the Biological and Medical Magnetic Resonance Center (CRMBM).
Budget financed by A*Midex: 336 000 €.

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