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Architecture - Feb 22, 2021
J oin t Paper Presented at ISSCC 2021 Shows How New Adaptive Back-Biasing Technique O vercomes Integration Limits in Chip Design Flows. CEA-Leti & Dolphin Design Report FD-SOI Breakthrough that Boosts Operating Frequency by 450% and Reduces Power Consumption by 30% GRENOBLE, France - Feb. 22, 2021 - CEA-Leti and Dolphin Design have developed an adaptive back-biasing (ABB) architecture for FD-SOI chips that can be seamlessly integrated in the digital design flow with industrial-grade qualification, overcoming integration drawbacks of existing ABB techniques.
Electroengineering - Jun 11, 2020

Data-Transmission Rate of 7.7 Gbps Positions LiFi as Possible Replacement for WiFi with Further R&D and Industrial Standardization to Ensure Interoperability of Systems capability of 5G.

Mechanical Engineering - Apr 2, 2019

Publication from the Laboratoire Reproduction et développement des plantes (RDP) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) on January 23, 2019. Abstract:  Morphogenesis often yields organs with robust size and shapes, whereas cell growth and deformation feature significant spatiotemporal variability.

Mechanical Engineering - Jun 28, 2019

Abstract: Walled cells of plants, fungi, and bacteria come with a large range of shapes and sizes, which are ultimately dictated by the mechanics of their cell wall. This stiff and thin polymeric layer encases the plasma membrane and protects the cells mechanically by opposing large turgor pressure derived mechanical stresses.

Mechanical Engineering - Apr 1, 2019

By studying the movement of runners at the start of marathons, researchers from the Laboratoire de physique (CNRS/ENS de Lyon/UCBL) have just shown that the collective movements of these crowds can be described as liquid flows.

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