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Architecture - Feb 22, 2021
J oin t Paper Presented at ISSCC 2021 Shows How New Adaptive Back-Biasing Technique O vercomes Integration Limits in Chip Design Flows. CEA-Leti & Dolphin Design Report FD-SOI Breakthrough that Boosts Operating Frequency by 450% and Reduces Power Consumption by 30% GRENOBLE, France - Feb. 22, 2021 - CEA-Leti and Dolphin Design have developed an adaptive back-biasing (ABB) architecture for FD-SOI chips that can be seamlessly integrated in the digital design flow with industrial-grade qualification, overcoming integration drawbacks of existing ABB techniques.
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Environment - 03.12.2021
Technicien(ne) chauffage ventilation climatisation (H/F) CNRS, Strasbourg
Economics/Business - 12.02.2021
Chef de projet immobilier du site de Paris (H/F) Mines Paristech
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