Innovation and Economics

Innovation - May 22
First patents to cover the fundamental processes for accessing the human gut microbiome as biotherapeutics. MaaT Pharma's microbiome sample collection and administration devices receive CE mark for use in collecting and administrating gut-derived samples as biotherapeutics to patients.
Innovation - Oct 10, 2018

Valérie Castellani, Thierry Chartier, and Daniel Le Berre are the recipients of the 2018 CNRS Innovation Medals.

Business - Jun 20, 2018

Does the arrival of asylum seekers lead to a deterioration in the economic performance and public finances of the European countries that host them? The answer is no, according to economists from the CNRS, Clermont-Auvergne University, and Paris-Nanterre University, 1 who have estimated a dynamic statistical model based on thirty years of data from fifteen countries in Western Europe.

Innovation - Jun 27, 2018

Connected hives, decision-support tools in viticulture, precision spraying, the use of drones, etc.

Business - Nov 1, 2017

Asian elephant populations in Laos, which are under a process of commodification, have dropped by half in the last 30 years.

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