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History - Mar 5, 2018
The archaeological site of Sedeinga is located in Sudan, a hundred kilometers to the north of the third cataract of the Nile, on the river's western shore. Known especially for being home to the ruins of the Egyptian temple of Queen Tiye, the royal wife of Amenhotep III, the site also includes a large necropolis containing sepulchers dating from the kingdoms of Napata and Mereo (seventh century BCE–fourth century CE), a civilization 1 mixing local traditions and Egyptian influences.
Health - Mar 23, 2017

Paris, March 21st, 2017 - Stimunity, Institut Curie and Inserm are pleased to announce that the company has signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement on two key patents that cover Stimunity's core technology VLP-cGAMP to develop new drugs in immuno-oncology.

Social Sciences - Jan 26, 2017
Social Sciences

"We arrived in Calais in February 2016, for a weekend and were so overwhelmed by the need to testify, that we decided to stay for several months to follow the development of the "refugee crisis" from day to day until the destruction of the slum town in October 2016".

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