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Life Sciences - Dec 20, 2019
Life Sciences
Axons, the threadlike part of a nerve cell that conducts impulses, are both flexible and strong, which makes them a mystery in the eyes of biologists. Recent studies have shown that under the axonal membrane, rings composed of actin filaments give the structure its flexibility. But those studies had not been able to define the precise architecture of these rings.
Health - Dec 11, 2019

For 50 years, the theory of the "descended larynx" has stated that before speech can emerge, the larynx must be in a low position to produce differentiated vowels.

Pharmacology - Nov 21, 2019

In a multicellular organism, gene expression regulation allows cells to live, divide and ensure their proper physiological role. The molecular nature of this process (e.g. low molecule number, Brownian movements...) involves random variations.

Pharmacology - Nov 25, 2019

Publication by CIRI on November 25, 2019. Dogma in transplantation holds that microvascular inflammation (MVI) triggered by recipient's antibody response against alloantigens (antibody-mediated rejection) is the main cause of graft failure.

Life Sciences - Oct 24, 2019

Publication by IGFL on October 22, 2019. Drosophila larvae spend most of their short lives gorging on rotting fruit. In their 'spare time' these intriguing animals also display phases of intense physical exercise.

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