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Life Sciences - Jul 25
Life Sciences
INRA researchers, in collaboration with the University of Adelaide, Australia, studied the effects that a widely used artificial sweetener blend, i.e. acesulfame K-sucralose, has on metabolism. For the first time, they revealed ' in animals ' an increase in glucose absorption, particularly in the brain and fatty tissues, indicating certain undesirable effects on metabolism and insulin sensitivity.
Health - Jul 24

Often, hypoallergenic formulas are recommended for infants who are not exclusively breastfed and who are at risk of developing allergies.

Health - Jun 12

A French consortium led by INRA, in collaboration with INSERM, the Universities of Lyon and Clermont Auvergne, Lyon Civil Hospitals and the Human Nutrition Research Centres (CRNH) of Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne, have now demonstrated that consuming certain lipids present naturally in dairy products (ca

Environment - Jun 13

To produce a significant reduction in mortality due to fine particulates, their average level should be reduced by at least 3 micrograms per m3 as a yearly average, concludes an interdisciplinary s

Life Sciences - Jun 11
Life Sciences

Researchers at INRA, ANSES, and ENVA have discovered that bluetongue virus can enhance its replication by exploiting one of its host's cellular pathways.

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