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Life Sciences - Jul 18
Life Sciences
Prebiotics are currently a preferred treatment for certain metabolic disorders, as they can restore the balance of dysfunctional gut microbiota, and improve the body's metabolism. However, these substances have to be used at high doses, which can result in patients experiencing bloating and flatulence.
Innovation - May 22

First patents to cover the fundamental processes for accessing the human gut microbiome as biotherapeutics.

Life Sciences - Dec 21, 2018
Life Sciences

Bacteria make use of a number of natural resistance strategies to overcome antibiotics. And it seems that this bacterial toolbox may be much more varied than previously thought.

Pharmacology - Feb 27

Lipidots Platform Strengthens Immune Response to Protein That Is Key to HIV Vaccine; Results Presented in Nature Publishing Group's npj Vaccines GRENOBLE, France - Feb.

Health - Sep 17

Elaboration et validation de l'iBox, le premier outil universel de prédiction du risque de perte de rein greffé basé sur l'intelligence artificielle.

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