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Pharmacology - Nov 25, 2019
Publication by CIRI on November 25, 2019. Dogma in transplantation holds that microvascular inflammation (MVI) triggered by recipient's antibody response against alloantigens (antibody-mediated rejection) is the main cause of graft failure. Analysis of a cohort of 129 renal recipients with MVI on graft biopsy shows that, in half of the cases, histological lesions are not mediated by antibodies.
Pharmacology - Nov 21, 2019

In a multicellular organism, gene expression regulation allows cells to live, divide and ensure their proper physiological role. The molecular nature of this process (e.g. low molecule number, Brownian movements...) involves random variations.

Innovation - May 22, 2019

First patents to cover the fundamental processes for accessing the human gut microbiome as biotherapeutics.

Life Sciences - Jul 18, 2019
Life Sciences

Prebiotics are currently a preferred treatment for certain metabolic disorders, as they can restore the balance of dysfunctional gut microbiota, and improve the body's metabolism.

Pharmacology - Feb 27, 2019

Lipidots Platform Strengthens Immune Response to Protein That Is Key to HIV Vaccine; Results Presented in Nature Publishing Group's npj Vaccines GRENOBLE, France - Feb.

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