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Physics - Aug 2, 2021
Quantum information could be behind the next technological revolution. By analogy with the bit in classical computing, the qubit is the basic element of quantum computing. However, demonstrating the existence of this information storage unit and using it remains complex, and hence limited. In a study published on 3 August 2021 in Physical Review X , an international research team consisting of CNRS researcher Fabio Pistolesi 1 and two foreign researchers used theoretical calculations to show that it is possible to realize a new type of qubit, in which information is stored in the oscillation amplitude of a carbon nanotube.
Computer Science - Feb 8, 2021
Computer Science

Faster speech rate, greater intensity in the middle of the word, and falling pitch at the end of the word: that is the prosody 1 to adopt if one wants to come across as reliable and honest to one's listeners.

Computer Science - Dec 18, 2020

Papers at IEDM 2020 Explore Ways to Leverage 3D Technology's Strengths For Lowering Device Energy Consumption and Energy Lost in Data Transmission GRENOBLE, France - Dec. 18, 2020 - CEA-Leti presented two papers this week at IEDM 2020 that confirm the advantages of combining 3D architectures and resistive-random-access-memories (RRAM) for in-memory computing (IMC), and their applications for Edge-AI and neural networks.

Computer Science - Jan 19, 2021

Article in Nature Electronics Details Method that Takes Advantage of RRAM Non- Idealities To Create Intelligent Systems that Have Potential Medical-Diagnostic Applications GRENOBLE, France - Jan. 18, 2021 - CEA-Leti scientists have demonstrated a machine-learning technique exploiting what have been previously considered as "non-ideal" traits of resistive-RAM (RRAM) devices, overcoming barriers to developing RRAM-based edge-learning systems.

Computer Science - Dec 16, 2020
Computer Science

Invited paper at IEDM 2020 shows benefit of CEA-List's architectures in co-optimizing CEA-Leti's 3D toolbox to enable higher bandwidth & heterogeneity for high-performance processors.

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