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Sport - Nov 22, 2017
SNCF engineers have been using mathematical models for many years to simulate the dynamic behavior of railways. These models have not been able to take into account large portions of the track have been extremely limited at modelling ballast, the gravel layer located under railway tracks. This is why SNCF Innovation & Recherche asked for help from specialists in wave propagation for all types of media and at varied scales: CNRS and INSA Strasbourg 1 researchers.
Computer Science - Sep 29, 2017
Computer Science

Tiling the plane with a single pattern is a mathematical problem that has interested humans since Antiquity, notably for the aesthetic quality of tiles in mosaics or tiling.

Life Sciences - Jul 11, 2016
Life Sciences

An international team (Cornell University, Hokkaido University, Max Planck Institute, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon / Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 / CNRS / INRA) unravels how random cell growth contributes to making organs reach the correct size and shape.

Earth Sciences - Nov 25, 2016
Earth Sciences

Mega-earthquakes (with a magnitude greater than 8.5) mainly occur on subduction faults where one tectonic plate passes under another.

Mathematics - Jul 4, 2016

In a recent paper published jointly in Inventiones Mathematicae and Mathematische Zeitschrift, Albert Fathi , mathematician for UMPA (and his coauthors Andrea Davini, Renato Iturriaga and Maxime Za

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