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Social Sciences - Oct 1, 2018
An international research group has published the conclusions of a study focused on juvenile delinquency among ethnic and religious minorities from five different Western countries. Through the prism of delinquency, the study examines the social integration of minorities and concludes that interaction with public institutions and the living conditions of these young people contribute to different patterns of integration depending on the country.
Life Sciences - Aug 6, 2018
Life Sciences

Individuality is not exclusive to humans. Though this idea was previously rebutted by biologists, today it is accepted that individuality is found in all animal species.

Social Sciences - Nov 2, 2017
Social Sciences

How do children learn their mother tongue? This question has been the subject of few studies conducted outside of industrialized countries.

Social Sciences - Nov 7, 2017
Social Sciences

How are we affected by other peoples' opinions' To answer this question, scientists 1 at the CNRS, Inra and Université Toulouse 1 Capitole conducted a study in France and Japan, quantifying this impact on our decisions.

Social Sciences - May 24, 2017
Social Sciences

The existence of new “social” neurons has just been demonstrated by scientists from the Institut de neurosciences des systèmes (Aix-Marseille University / INSERM), the Laboratoire de psychologie so

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