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Social inequalities widen after a breast cancer

A French-Swiss team has highlighted the long-term impact of socioeconomic inequalities on the quality of life of women who have had breast cancer. Angiola Harry / Unsplash When it comes to health, inequalities can be seen at every level for women with breast cancer: prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and survival.

ECHoeS - a European cloud for cultural heritage

The European project ECHoeS (A European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage) has funding of ¤25 million over five years and aims to create a collaborative cloud - a European reference platform for tangible and intangible cultural heritage professionals.

Research INSTITUT-SoMuM The Institut SoMuM supports three thematic schools

The Institut SoMuM is pleased to support three thematic schools: The Balkans.

Anthropology, a shared discipline

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Since 2022, anthropology has been in the spotlight at CNRS. Caroline Bodolec, the deputy scientific director behind this initiative, looks back at the main mediation actions around the discipline after it "put on a show" on April 30, 2024.

Research INSTITUT-SoMuM Lecture - Religious pluralism in Islamic theology and philosophy (February 15, 2024)

As part of the ACRAAE (Anthropologie des Circulations Religieuses Afrique-Amérique-Europe) Masters-Doctoral training program supported by the SoMuM Institute, Campus France and the MMSH, Souleymane Bachir Diagne's lecture "Le