Eran Sharon, visiting professor at Physics Laboratory

Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Racah Institute of Physics, Israel
Visiting Professor 2022-23 - April 7 to May 7, 2023
Inviting Researcher: Adda-Bedia Mokhtar Eran Sharon is an experimental physicist in the fields of nonlinear physics and soft matter. He is interested in growth-induced patterning and in the wave nature of turbulent rotating fluid flows. He studies how geometric principles shape thin elastic sheets into three-dimensional patterns. These processes occur in biological, chemical and physical systems. His second research topic is relevant to the understanding of hydrodynamic flows in the atmosphere or oceans.

In collaboration with Adda-Bedia Mokhtar, Eran Sharon will study crack propagation in thin plates under residual stress with the aim of developing a non-linear fracture mechanics definition using a geometric formalism. Eran Sharon will interact with researchers in hydrodynamics, especially those working on turbulence in stratified fluids.

Lectures in internal seminars of the Physics Laboratory

Monday, April 24. 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Self-Morphing of frustrated sheets - from the lab to the real world and from statics to locomotion
"Colloquium" seminar

Friday, April 28. 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Nonlinearities and currents in rotating turbulence
"Experimental Physics and Modelling" seminar
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