First French Chemists’ Tournament

Go live on Friday, March 26, 2021 at 9:45 a.m. for the 1st session of the French Chemists’ Tournament (TFChim).

  • It’s an opportunity to learn more about chemistry, the type of chemistry that can help protect our planet, and repair human degradation.
  • It’s a chance to discover students and teacher-researchers who are passionate about chemistry and its practical applications.
  • It is a moment to discover that training and research go hand in hand at ENS de Lyon: participation in the French Chemists’ Tournament (TFChim) is counted within the framework of the UE L3 and Master 1 Chemistry because it teaches students to work as a team, analyze a problem and propose a model, to question experimentally a theory, meet researchers, present results and react in real-time to new ideas.
  • This is an opportunity to take on a new challenge: that of a competition where 5 schools, 5 enthusiastic and motivated teams will compete in 6 scientific public debates. During these "Fights", true marathons of scientific debates, the teams take on different roles, for which students will, in turn, have to present results, criticize and debate the work of another team, or moderate a scientific debate.
  • The questions raised during these debates will include the following: Can we design a chocolate that doesn’t melt in full sun? Is it possible to quickly and simply assess how fiery a spicy dish is, so as not to risk burning the palate? How can the brightness of indoor space be greatly increased by changing its wall covering? Will it ever be possible to admire glass windows and stained-glass windows that can continue to light up at night?

    It is on these topics (and many others) that several teams of students have worked before competing, debating and exchanging ideas together on Friday, March 26, 2021 during the first French Chemists’ Tournament. Inspired by the format of IPT (International Physicists’ Tournament) on a national scale, this new event will see the student teams from five major French schools compete: ESPCI Paris, école Polytechnique, ENS, Chimie Paris and ENS de Lyon.

    The 2021 edition of the French Chemists’ Tournament will be sponsored by Jacques Livage, professor emeritus at the Collège de France and member of the Academy of Sciences, and Michel Verdaguer, professor emeritus at the Pierre and Marie Curie University.