International DRI Aix-Marseille University pursues its internationalization strategy towards the Mediterranean and Africa

The European Commission has decided to fund the 6MIIC project aimed at strengthening cooperation through the mobility of students, doctoral candidates and teacher-researchers in the Africa-Med region.

The European Commission announced this week the selection of the Erasmus + project "Mobility of students and staff in higher education supported by external policy funds" (AC171-HED), led by Aix-Marseille University for a total budget of nearly ¤500,000.

Named 6MIIC for Mobility, Inclusion, International and Cooperation, the project’s objective is to strengthen cooperation with African universities that are partners of CIVIS :

This 36-month project is based on the European priority themes and on the CIVIS Hubs - digital and technological transformations, health, heritage, culture, exchange. Thus, 6MIIC intends to develop internship or study mobilities for students and doctoral students on the one hand and training or teaching periods abroad for teachers-researchers on the other.

The committee selected less than one project out of two and AMU obtained the totality of the grant requested. This funding is in addition to the 2.8 million obtained for European mobility, which places the institution among the 10% with the most funding for mobility. This is excellent news for the institution, which is thus pursuing its international strategy by supporting mobility on the Europe-Mediterranean-Africa axis and affirming its contribution to major societal challenges.