Lesaffre and LBMC: a new partnership to improve innovation in the fermentation field

Lesaffre, a key global player in fermentation, and the Laboratory of Biology and Modelling of the Cell (LBMC, CNRS / ENS de Lyon) have taken an important step in their collaboration which started in 2021. Thanks to this partnership, Lesaffre could benefit from new high-flow methods and a softwares allowing to define transcriptomic and genomic profiles of thousands of yeast strains, by relying on an advanced equipment - biofoundry - installed in the new Lesaffre Campus in Marcq-en-Baroeul (France, 59).

"This stimulating project comes from the meeting of private company Lesaffre and LBMC interests, a public laboratory of fundamental research. It is with these interests in mind that we have been able to build a solid partnership, which will serve both Lesaffre’s projects, and the works carried out by our teams within the CNRS. The sharing of expertise, the constructive exchanges, and the collaborative spirit that we have with Lesaffre are the recipe that allows us to boldly move through the stages of this project." declares Gaël Yvert, Research Director at the CNRS.

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