Research DIRCOM AlpSatellites: co-creation workshops

Throughout the month of April, Alpsatellites’ partners continued to organize workshops with entrepreneurs, students and regional and local institutions.

The Association Culturelle, Sociale et Sportive du Queyras, Aix-Marseille Université and the Association pour le Développement en Réseau des Territoires et des Services completed the first French final report of the Alpsatellites project with the description of the results of the workshops organized in March 2023. This report was shared with the project partners.

Aix-Marseille University published the transnational questionnaire and the French stakeholders distributed it to all their networks. The expected results appeared to be many: 95 people has already answered to the questionnaire on 14th of April. The AMU researchers have been holding individual interviews with some local stakeholders in the territory (teleworkers, support initiatives, etc.).