The 70th anniversary of Les Houches School of Physics

For this occasion, renowned scientists, including Nobel Prize winners and CNRS medalists, celebrated together the creation of the School.

An exceptional location, two summer schools and workshops organised throughout the year: since 1951, Les Houches School of Physics has been involved in the training of young researchers. Giving birth to beautiful scientific collaborations, real networks of professional and friendly relationships are developed at the School.

Becoming a Research Support Unit (UAR - formerly UMS) in 2017, Les Houches School of Physics is affiliated to UGA, CNRS, CEA, ENS de Lyon and Grenoble INP-UGA.

On Monday 23 May 2022, all the partners - among them Yanick Ricard, Vice-President of Research at ENS de Lyon - were present to officially open these two anniversary days in the presence of the daughter of the school’s founder, Chris DeWitt. On this occasion, a tree was planted, followed by scientific sessions in the afternoon and the next day, with speeches from leading physicists. Serge Haroche, Nobel Prize in Physics 2012, Professor and former Administrator of the Collège de France, Member of the French Academy of Sciences, Michel Mayor, Nobel Prize in Physics 2019, Professor at the University of Geneva, Member of the American Academy of Sciences and also Françoise Combes, CNRS Gold Medal 2020, astrophysicist and CNRS Research Director, were present.