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    Technical Coordinator European Project M/F

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    General information

    Reference : UMR5814-CLABOM-014
    Workplace : ANNECY LE VIEUX
    Date of publication : Monday, February 18, 2019
    Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
    Contract Period : 36 months
    Expected date of employment : 1 April 2019
    Proportion of work : Full time
    Remuneration : between 2530 à 4142 euros according to experience
    Desired level of education : PhD
    Experience required : Indifferent


    The LAPP institute has invited applications from qualified candidates to serve as Technical Coordinator of the ESCAPE (European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle physics ESFRI research infrastructures) project, which is funded by the European Commission through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (under the Grant Agreement n. 824064). The Technical Coordinator will assist the Project Coordinator for the technical management of the project in close cooperation with all Work Packages. The Technical Coordinator will work side-by-side effectively with the ESCAPE project management team at LAPP and closely with the ESCAPE Work Packages Leaders by assisting and guiding them along their mutual technical interfaces and serving as the Project Coordinator representative in day-to-day interactions with the project members on scientific and technical topics. Depending on his/her skills, candidate will have also one scientific and technical activity in one of the ESCAPE Work Packages.


    The qualified candidate will assist the Project Coordinator ensuring the main coordination responsibilities, which include: o Ensuring close internal cooperation and direct engagement with the next generation facilities prioritised in the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and pan-European research infrastructures projects’ representatives.
    o Organising and coordinating a competence desk in support of the concerned ESFRI projects for FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data management issues coherently with the EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) agenda implementation.
    o Coordinating the implementation of the "ESCAPE Test Science Projects" devoted to the scientific validation of the ESCAPE developments and deliverables.
    o Coordinating the definition of technical interfaces between Work Packages and EOSC following the EOSC implementation plan.
    o Commissioning and receiving plans for next stage (annual implementation plan) of the ESCAPE programme.
    o Reviewing and submitting approved technical reports to the Project Coordinator for submission to the European Commission.
    o Liaising with all major EOSC bodies and projects, e.g. EOSC-hub, EOSC-governance and other EOSC cluster projects.
    o Visibly promoting ESCAPE to the global, European and national communities by attending relevant meetings, international conferences and making high quality presentations.
    o Fostering cooperation, proposing and planning innovation actions with industries.
    The candidate will also work part-time on some specific technical developments (science analysis software, development and management of a services catalogue, "data-lake" services for data management) within one of the ESCAPE Work Packages for one of the following international projects: ATLAS (, CTA (?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> or Virgo ( ).


    o PhD in particle physics, astrophysics, mathematics, computer science (or related fields) or engineery in information and computing technology, o Excellent skills in computing and work experience in and/or sound knowledge of one or more of the following domains: modern software programming languages, scientific data analysis methods, open science services, big-data services, grid and cloud computing, numerical simulations, numerical mathematics, high-performance computing, test-driven and cross-platform development, o Work experience in project management, Other skills: o Demonstrate rigor and reliability, o Have a good relationship, the sense of organization and the taste of teamwork, o Have the ability to manage their work autonomously, be able to take initiatives and be able to adapt quickly to the evolution of the project and tasks, o Ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas and to apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than one’s own, o Ability to operate across organisational boundaries - in a matrix-style organisation.
    o The ability to work in the context of an international project,
    o Excellent spoken and written English (Level C1).

    Work Context

    LAPP is a high energy physics laboratory located in Annecy, 50kms from Geneva. The laboratory was founded in 1976 and is one of the laboratories of IN2P3 (Institut de Physique Nucléaire et de Physique des Particules), institute of CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). LAPP is a joint research laboratory of the University Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB) and the CNRS-IN2P3. Close to 150 people are working at LAPP. Research carried out at LAPP aims at studying the ultimate constituents of the matter, their fundamental interactions, as well as exploring their connections with the large structures of the Universe.
    The LAPP laboratory coordinates the ESCAPE project.
    The European Union member states, recognising the challenges of data driven research in pursuing excellent science, have launched the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative.
    EOSC is a cloud for research data in Europe allowing for universal access to data through a single online platform. EOSC will federate existing resources across national data centres, e-infrastructures and research infrastructures allowing researchers and citizens to access and re-use data produced by other scientists. EOSC success is based on continuous engagement with scientific stakeholders actively supporting its implementation and in their respective capacities.
    ESCAPE aims to address the Open Science challenges shared by ESFRI facilities (CTA, ELT, EST, FAIR, HL-LHC, KM3NeT, SKA) as well as other pan-European research infrastructures (CERN, ESO, JIV-ERIC, EGO-Virgo) in astronomy and particle physics research domains.
    The complexity of all this new apparatus in science grows rapidly, the data volume produced by them is seeing a tremendous increase and the software to analyse the data is becoming more and more complex. On the other hand, this data should be accessible to the growing scientific communities, as they collaborate and interact. The ESCAPE project brings together partners from astronomy and particle physics to collaborate on building the EOSC. The ESCAPE actions aim at delivering solutions to ensure integration of data, tools, services and scientific software; to foster common approaches to implement open-data stewardship; to establish interoperability within EOSC as an integrated multi-probe facility for fundamental science.

    The Technical coordinator will be integrated in the ESCAPE management team located at LAPP in Annecy, under the direct responsibility of the ESCAPE Project Coordinator.

    Regular travels (maximum 3-4 days) in Europe will occur.

    Additional Information

    ESCAPE-launch press communication is available at the following link: ?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> /attachments/51141/65674/EN_ESCAPE_ Press_Communication201118.pdf
    Website :

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