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  • Ph.D. contract in papyrology (male/female), under the ERC project "Desert Networks".

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    General information

    Reference : UPR841-ALEVRE-012
    Workplace : PARIS 16
    Date of publication : Monday, April 15, 2019
    Scientific Responsible name : Hélène CUVIGNY
    Type of Contract : PhD candidate contract / Thesis offer
    Contract Period : 36 months
    Start date of the thesis : 1 September 2019
    Proportion of work : Full time
    Remuneration : 2 135,00 ¤ gross monthly

    Description of the thesis topic

    Edition of part of the Greek ostraca from Bi’r Samut, a fortress in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, that was excavated by the Mission archéologique française du désert Oriental from 2014 to 2016 (?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> 241 pieces have been set aside, mostly letters and accounts, which show the role and functioning of the stathmos in the resupplying of the caravans and expeditions as well as of the satellite sites. The ostraca from Bi’r Samut form a coherent corpus with recurrent personal and topographic names, which is especially well suited for a network analysis (social and spatial networks). This documentation is, however, fragmentary and badly preserved. Decipherment is hard, even with the help of the infra-red photographs with which the candidate will work. In order to be valid, the network analysis must, therefore, be based on philological and papyrological work on a high technical level. Ostraca that are too fragmentary or too faint have been excluded from the corpus except if they contain personal names, in order to constitute a exhaustive prosopography with a description of the links between the persons, of whom the candidate will attempt to define the status and the function. Into this prosopography the candidate will integrate the data from the rest of the ostraca from Bi’r Samut, those in Greek being edited by H. Cuvigny and B. Redon, the demotic ones by M.-P. Chaufray) and he/she will thus have access to all the data, in order to make a complete study of the network of the people and the surrounding sites.

    Work Context

    The thesis-work will take place in the frame of the ERC-project "Desert Networks. Into the Eastern Desert of Egypt from the New Kingdom to the Roman Period" (StG n°759078) directed by Bérangère Redon (CNRS-HiSoMA). The thesis will be supervised by H. Cuvigny (CNRS-IRHT, director of the Institut de papyrologie de Sorbonne-Université). The candidate will be inscribed at Sorbonne University in Doctoral School I (022) "Mondes antiques et médiévaux". He/she will have access to the Sorbonne University Library and to the library of the Institute of papyrology. He/she will work in close contact with H. Cuvigny, who will furnish him/her with a database containing metadata and transcriptions of the texts that are not included in the thesis corpus. He/she will participate in the semi¬nars of the institut de papyrologie de Sorbonne-Université and will present the relevant texts, not least the difficult ones in this framework. The candidate will work closely with the members of "Workpackage 5" of the project "Desert Networks", which is dedicated to the study of social networks in the Eastern Desert as documented by the ostraca and papyri.

    Constraints and risks

    Permanent residence during term-time is required.

    Additional Information

    Very good knowledge of Ancient Greek, of the technique of editing documentary papyri, skill in deciphering, familiarity with cursive writing, abbreviations, symbols in Ptolemaic papyri, familiarity with the sociology and administration of Ptolemaic Egypt.

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