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Looking back on 10,000 hours of A400M flight test

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Airbus A330-800 performs its first flight

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Marcus helps protect our company and our customers, working on Vulnerability Assessment/Management, IOC-Sharing, Threat Intelligence and Incident Response. "I very much enjoy the direct contact and support of internal and external customers. This gives me the chance to work on a variety of topics as a Cyber Security Analyst - from finding a company’s malware breakout, to detecting Internet abuse for illegal activities or analyzing millions of loglines to find that "one bad actor", using diverse tools and techniques."

"Diversity is one of my favourite aspects about working at Airbus. There are 130 nationalities in this company so it’s impossible not to make friends from every corner of the world. I really enjoy the enriching experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds"

"The digitalisation of the shopfloor is undoubtedly a key factor capable of providing important improvements in relation to quality, efficiency, costs and the product" says María. Her goal is to incorporate digitalisation at the production plants of all the Airbus divisions. To get the real shopfloor experience she put on a set of overalls and spent a week there working with the operators. "You don’t really understand what their work is all about until you put yourself in their position".

Dennis, who we met here at Gamescom in Cologne, will start his dual studies programme on flight and vehicle computer science in Manching, Germany. If you’re a student or graduate, visit our Careers website to find what opportunities await you.

Marion began as a VIE at Airbus Helicopters in Canada, about a year ago she started working as a Sales Contracts Negotiator in Toulouse. "Facing the customer is challenging. It is about finding the right solutions for your customers businesswise while assessing and measuring the risks and the exposure for your company". Her job allows her to travel around the world, her last 3 destinations? Fiji, Oslo and Stockholm.

"At Airbus you can experience everything without having to change companies."

Together with his team, Rey helps startups and Airbus intrapreneurs speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses.


Recruited more than a year ago as an intern, Marie is now in charge of setting up infrastructures, defining strategies of supervision and implementing them into different security products like SIEM, IDS or Hypervisor.

"I was given the opportunity to work in many different contexts and with a range of clients. We see a lot of things, share all sorts of ideas but we’re not stuck in the same routine. This is what I think makes you stay."

It’s in July 2017 that Airbus China Innovation Centre (ACIC) was established in Shenzhen. The objective now is to grow the team. The ACIC’s goals are to develop a hardware lab that uses the unique eco-system in Shenzhen to design parts quickly and at low cost, they also aim to improve the passenger experience through new business models and new hardware including consumer electronics, virtual reality and augmented reality. To achieve these goals, people are needed to deliver the first wave of projects. Candidates’ profiles need to be tech savvy, but they also have to work fast and be very commercially minded.

"When you are involved in such strategic, pioneering projects, it’s nothing short of inspiring; this is what drives me day in, day out. I want to contribute in the enhancement of our product portfolio, and be the best..." Our main mission is to speed up the projects that we host in the incubator by providing services and building the right connections with potential customers in order to get their operational feedback to drive the project towards their needs, and aligned with our strategy.

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