natural sciences

Innovation - Jun 11
In conventional ultrasounds, variations in soft tissue structure distort ultrasound wavefronts. They blur the image and can hence prove detrimental to medical diagnosis. Researchers at the Institut Langevin (CNRS/ESPCI Paris-PSL) 1 have developed a new non-invasive ultrasound method that avoids such aberrations.
Life Sciences - May 22
Life Sciences

Meiosis is essential to sexual reproduction. For almost 15 years, it has been commonly held that retinoic acid, a molecule derived from vitamin A, triggers meiosis in mammalian germ cells.

Physics - Apr 15

We live in a world of matter - because matter overtook antimatter , though they were both created in equal amounts by the Big Bang when our universe began.

Earth Sciences - May 18
Earth Sciences

The surface of the planet Mars bears probable traces of -sedimentary volcanism-, a geological phenomenon that leads to the eruption of mud from underground.

History - Apr 9

Contrary to popular belief, Neanderthals were no less technologically advanced than Homo sapiens .

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