Chemistry - Apr 27
Publication of CRMN in the journal PNAS on January 5, 2021. Neurodegenerative disorders are frequently associated with -sheet-rich amyloid deposits. Amyloid-forming proteins can aggregate under different structural conformations known as strains, which can exhibit a prion-like behavior and distinct pathophenotypes.
Physics - Chemistry - Oct 29, 2020
Physics - Chemistry

Magnets are to be found everywhere in our daily lives, whether in satellites, telephones or on fridge doors.

Health - Chemistry - Aug 13, 2020
Health - Chemistry

Since the late 1990s, immunotherapy has been the frontline treatment against lymphomas where synthetic antibodies are used to stop the proliferation of cancerous white blood cells.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - May 22, 2020
Life Sciences - Chemistry

Meiosis is essential to sexual reproduction. For almost 15 years, it has been commonly held that retinoic acid, a molecule derived from vitamin A, triggers meiosis in mammalian germ cells.

Chemistry - Physics - Aug 27, 2020
Chemistry - Physics

The Earth is the only planet known to have liquid water on its surface, a fundamental characteristic when it comes to explaining the emergence of life.

Physics - Chemistry - Jul 17, 2020
Physics - Chemistry

Scientists from the Coordination Chemistry Laboratory and Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems, both of the CNRS, recently developed molecular films that can measure the operating temperature of electronic components on a nanometric scale.

Astronomy - Chemistry - Feb 14, 2020
Astronomy - Chemistry

The Marie Sk?odowska-Curie actions support researchers at all stages of their careers, regardless of age and nationality.

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