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Physics - Astronomy - Apr 15
Physics - Astronomy
We live in a world of matter - because matter overtook antimatter , though they were both created in equal amounts by the Big Bang when our universe began. As featured on the cover of Nature on 16 April 2020, neutrinos and the associated antimatter particles, antineutrinos, are reported to have a high likelihood of differing behaviour that offers a promising path to explaining the asymmetry between matter and antimatter.
History - Physics - Apr 9
History - Physics

Contrary to popular belief, Neanderthals were no less technologically advanced than Homo sapiens .

Physics - Jan 27

Publication by Laboratoire de Physique in Physical Review Letters on December 23, 2019. Pattern formation, observed experimentally in a radio-frequency plasma in annular geometry, and characterized by azimuthal symmetry breaking of the plasma parameters, is reported.

Physics - Dec 11, 2019

’Results Hold promise for Fast, Accurate Single-Shot Readout ’Of Foundry-Compatible Si MOS Spin Qubits’

Physics - Mar 30

A palette of colours on a silver plate: that is what the world's first colour photograph looks like.

Physics - Dec 16, 2019

Gold nanoparticles, which are supposed to be stable in biological environments, can be degraded inside cells.

Physics - Music - Sep 6, 2019
Physics - Music

Evanescent Acoustic Beam Moves Suspended Particles at Lower Cost & Energy Consumption Than Existing Propagative Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Systems. CEA-Leti has developed a new acousto-microfluidic technology for manipulating microand nanoscale samples using evanescent sound waves.

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