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Innovation - 15.12.2021
HfO2-Based FeRAM Arrays Designed & Fabricated at CEA-Leti Bring the Technology Closer to Manufacturability
SAN FRANCISCO 2021 - CEA-Leti has reported the world's-first demonstration of 16-kbit ferroelectric random-access memory (FeRAM) arrays at the 130nm node that advances this energy-saving technology closer to commercialization. The breakthrough includes back-end-of-line (BEOL) integration of TiN /HfO 2 :Si/TiN ferroelectric capacitors as small as 0.16 ┬Ám┬▓, and solder reflow compatibility for the first time for this type of memory.

Innovation - Materials Science - 02.12.2021
Research Team Proposes New Approach for Next-Generation Memories with RRAM Energy-Storage Breakthrough
In-memory energy is a supplemental feature to in-memory computing, which is a key focus in CEA-Leti's roadmap. It can reduce energy use dramatically because RRAM-based batteries are highly scalable and dynamically allocable, and they can be placed next to memory blocks, which are near the processor. Locating the energy supply close to the processor is especially helpful when the processor requires peak power, which typically comes from an external source.

Innovation - 26.01.2021
CEA-Leti Reports Breakthrough High-Performance Gyroscope For Automotive, Aeronautic and Industrial Applications
World's First NEMS-Based Gyroscope Operates at 50 kHz, "Beyond Frequencies Of Vibrations Common" in Severe Environments GRENOBLE, France - Jan. CEA-Leti scientists, working with researchers at Politecnico di Milano, have developed the world's first high-performance gyroscope for operating in severe environments, such as industrial and aeronautic equipment and automobiles.