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Materials Science - 02.08.2021
Neanderthals indeed painted Andalusia's Cueva de Ardales
Neanderthals indeed painted Andalusia’s Cueva de Ardales
The origin and date of appearance of prehistoric cave art are the subjects of ongoing debate. Spain's Cueva de Ardales is one point of discussion. There a flowstone formation is stained red in places. This colouring is apparently almost 65,000 years old 1 but until now, a part of the scientific community attributed it to a natural coating of iron oxide deposited by flowing water.

Materials Science - 05.05.2021
Africa's oldest human burial site uncovered
Africa’s oldest human burial site uncovered
The discovery of the earliest human burial site yet found in Africa, by an international team including several CNRS researchers 1 , has just been announced in the journal Nature . At Panga ya Saidi, in Kenya, north of Mombasa, the body of a three-year-old, dubbed Mtoto (Swahili for 'child') by the researchers, was deposited and buried in an excavated pit approximately 78,000 years ago.