Observation of the Resonance Frequencies of a Stable Torus of Fluid

Publication by Laboratoire de physique in Physical Review Letters on August 30, 2019.

We report the first quantitative measurements of the resonance frequencies of a torus of fluid confined in a horizontal Hele-Shaw cell. By using the unwetting property of a metal liquid, we are able to generate a stable torus of fluid with an arbitrary aspect ratio. When subjected to vibrations, the torus displays azimuthal patterns at its outer periphery. These lobes oscillate radially, and their number n depends on the forcing frequency. We report the instability "tongues" of the patterns up to n=25. These resonance frequencies are well explained by adapting to a fluid torus the usual drop model of Rayleigh. This approach could be applied to the modeling of large-scale structures arisen transiently in vortex rings in various domains.

Source: . C. Laroche, J.-C. Bacri, T. Jamin and E. Falcon. Physical Review Letters 123, 094502 (2019).