In the brain of procrastinators

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 (Image: Pixabay CC0)
(Image: Pixabay CC0)

A team of researchers from Inserm, CNRS, Sorbonne University and AP-HP at the Brain Institute in Paris has just deciphered how our brain behaves when we procrastinate.

The study, conducted in humans, combines functional imaging and behavioral tests and allowed scientists to identify a region of the brain where the decision to procrastinate is played out: the anterior cingulate cortex. The team also developed an algorithm to predict the tendency of participants to procrastinate. This work is published in the journal Nature Communications.


A neuro-computational account of procrastination behavior
Le Bouc RaphaŽl & Pessiglione Mathias
Nature Communications, September 2022
DOI:­’022 -33119-w