2022 Shanghai Rankings: Sorbonne University in the Top 10 Worldwide by Academic Subject

For this year’s edition of the Shanghai rankings, Sorbonne University is represented in no less than 16 disciplines. It particularly stands out in mathematics and oceanography, ranking 3rd worldwide.

In the overall university ranking, Sorbonne University is again in the top 50, currently 43rd worldwide.

This year, in the Shanghai thematic rankings, French higher education institutions are represented "three times more than in 2021," as the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research points out. Indeed, 85 French universities are ranked in at least one of the 54 thematic rankings, 43 in at least one of the top 100 thematic rankings, and 19 in the top 50 thematic rankings.

What about Sorbonne University? The research-intensive institution made it into the top 10 in three areas:

  • Math (3rd): France confirms its leadership in this area with another national university (Paris-Saclay) at the top of the podium
  • Oceanography (3rd)
  • Earth sciences (10th)

Sorbonne University is also ranked 16th in Physics and Atmospheric Science.

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Conducted by China’s Jiao Tong University, the Shanghai rankings evaluate the commitment of higher education institutions to their research activities in 54 scientific disciplines, and divided into 5 areas: engineering, natural sciences, life sciences, medical sciences and social sciences.

The world’s top universities are ranked according to six criteria: research output, research impact, international collaboration, research quality and international academic awards.

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