2023 BIOSANTEXC Internship Program

The results will be shared by end of February.

This program offers internship opportunities to all students of the BIOSANTEXC network.

Mobility from India to France

This year, 11 internship offers were disseminated to all BIOSANTEXC partners in December 2022. The selection process is currently ongoing (more than 70 applications received), and results will be shared by end of February.

Mobility from France to India

Internship offers are available for 3 to 6 months internships in the different IISERs. Interested students from ENS are invited to contact their International relations Office.

For France

The network of 4 Écoles normale supérieures:

  • ENS de Lyon

  • For India

    The network of 6 Indian Institutes of Science, Education and Research:

    BIOSANTEXC is a project funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires Étrangères)