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Environment - 21.04.2016
The Climate: from the Past to the Future
The Climate: from the Past to the Future
More than 2,000 researchers, faculty, administrative staff and students at UPMC and Sorbonne University are working every day to understand and explain the issues of climate change to enable citizens to take over these issues.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 24.08.2015

Environment - Life Sciences - 10.07.2015
Climate: Decisive Feedback on our Future
Climate: Decisive Feedback on our Future
Luc Abbadie, UPMC professor and director of the Paris Institute of Ecology and Environmental Science (IEES ) presents the focus of his research and issues of the conference Our Common Future Under Climate Change, at which he hosted a parallel session.

Life Sciences - Environment - 17.03.2014
A Franco-Chiliean Research Lab on Marine Algae Biodiversity
The CNRS, UPMC and two Chilean universities signed an agreement on March 17, 2014 creating a joint international unit (IMU) 1 that will strengthen their cooperation in the field of ecology and evolutionary marine biology.

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