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Health - 10.12.2019
CEA-Leti Thin-Film Batteries Target Extended Applications and Improved Performance in Medical Implants
CEA-Leti Thin-Film Batteries Target Extended Applications and Improved Performance in Medical Implants
'IEDM 2019 Paper Reports Millimeter-Scale TFBs Exhibit the Best Performance In Both Energy and Power Densities SAN FRANCISCO ' Dec.

Physics - Health - 29.01.2019
CEA-Leti will present 21 papers (8 invited) at Photonics West 2019 & host workshop on latest R&D
GRENOBLE, France - Jan. 29, 2019 - Leti, an institute of CEA-Tech, will present eight invited papers, 21 in total, at Photonics West 2019 in San Francisco, and unveil its latest research on improved photonics-electronics and software convergence at a Feb.

Health - Life Sciences - 20.10.2017

Health - Life Sciences - 20.10.2017

Health - Career - 12.10.2017
Maternal and neonatal health : preliminary results of the French National Perinatal Survey 2016
The French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and the Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) have published the preliminary results of the French National Perinatal Survey 2016.

Health - Social Sciences - 22.09.2017
Maternal mortality: deaths from hemorrhage reduced but inequalities remain
Between 2010 and 2012, 256 women died in France from causes linked to pregnancy, labor, or following childbirth, amounting to 85 such cases a year.

Health - 04.04.2017
Intellectual Disabilities, a collective expert review by Inserm
According to the World Health Organisation and other recognised authorities, intellectual disability (ID) refers to an intelligence deficit (significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex

Administration - Health - 03.03.2017
Inserm in the world Top 10 most innovative public bodies, up one place compared to last year
Inserm is ranked 9th in the Reuters/Clarivate ‘Top 25 Global Innovators - Government,' which evaluates the innovative capacity of public bodies according to the impact of their scientific output and patents.

Health - Media - 11.02.2017
Antibiotics affect the efficacy of immunotherapy
Antibiotics affect the efficacy of immunotherapy
A study published in the journal Science by a research team from Gustave Roussy, INSERM, INRA, AP-HP, IHU Médiaterranée Infections* and Paris-Sud University shows that prescribed antibiotics impair the efficacy of immunotherapy in cancer patients.

History / Archeology - Health - 31.01.2017
Inserm inaugurates its History Committee
Inserm announces the creation of its History Committee, reporting directly to its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Professor Yves Lévy.

Health - 08.12.2016
Paris Covered in Smog
Paris Covered in Smog
On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, the air quality monitoring organization Airparif announced the longest and most intense peak of winter pollution in the Paris region in more than 10 years.

Health - Life Sciences - 26.10.2016
Creation of first accelerators of technological research at Inserm
Inserm is launching its first accelerator of technological research according to the objective that is part of the Institute's strategic plan 2016-2020.

Life Sciences - Health - 16.06.2016
Brain tumours: ultrasound makes blood vessels permeable to enhance treatment delivery
Teams from the Paris Public Hospitals (AP-HP), Pierre and Marie Curie University, Inserm and the CarThera company (which is hosted by the Brain and Spine Institute [ICM]), coordinated by Prof.

Health - 10.05.2016

Life Sciences - Health - 01.10.2015

Life Sciences - Health - 02.07.2015

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