Aix-Marseille Université organizes the AMUSEC 2022 forum

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Supported since 2016 by Aix-Marseille Université, AMUSEC is an event dedicated to research, development, innovation and best practices in computer security. This multidisciplinary forum, intended for exchange and sharing of the cybersecurity community, brings together actors from public research and the industrial world.

This unmissable event in the field of security technologies brings together practitioners in the sector: teachers, researchers, students, engineers, information systems security managers, information systems directors, project managers, architects, developers, auditors, pentesters, or ethical hackers. A presentation of the various training courses in the Southern Region related to cybersecurity will take place at the end of the afternoon on Thursday, May 5. This 6th edition will be introduced by General Pascal Facon and Mrs. Sereine Mauborgne will close the event.
Through conferences, demonstrations, posters and round tables, AMUSEC aims to

- Understanding the context and the stakes of security: scientific, legal, societal, technological, etc.
- Knowledge of the state of the art in offensive and current security threats - Presentation of the state of scientific knowledge in terms of security - The presentation of challenges and business solutions The forum will give an overview of the main stakeholders, their missions and roadmaps, and will provide an update on current topics such as trusted platform modules, vehicle cybersecurity, blockchain cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, homomorphic encryption, post-quantum cryptography, e-voting security, private distributed data cryptography, and embedded artificial intelligence security.
This event is organized by Aix-Marseille Université, the Mathematics Institute of Marseille, the Archimede Institute, the CNRS, the University of Toulon, the IMath laboratory and the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne. AMUSEC 2022 brings together a number of stakeholders in Cybersecurity (ANSSI, Campus Cyber, CEFCYS, Naval Group, Holiseum, Thalès Group, ITK Engineering, Zama, INRIA, CEA, CNRS, UCA, ENS). //