Aix-Marseille Université’s Position Paper on Horizon Europe mid-term evaluation

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On the occasion of the mid-term evaluation of the EU Framework Program, 3rd EU budget with 95.5 billion euros for 2021-2027, AMU submitted a Position Paper, gathering its proposals and recommendations.

As the 2nd French university in terms of participation in the 2014-2020 Framework Program and with the ambition to play a driving role in the construction of the European Research Area, AMU is articulating its contribution around 5 priority axes for the next programming phase of Horizon Europe (the Strategic Program 2025-2027):

  • Maintaining a long-term ambition to support excellent research;
  • New instruments to ensure the sustainability of research and innovation priorities;
  • Facing shortand medium-term challenges while supporting the development of territories;
  • Ensuring transparency and effective simplification of the rules of participation;
  • Drawing lessons from the first years of Horizon Europe to adapt certain priorities;
  • AMU positioned itself in 2018 in the prefiguration phase of the Horizon Europe framework program [link to the 2018 Position Paper] and the proposals and recommendations made in this mid-term evaluation are the result of work based on feedback from AMU’s research units and piloted by teams from the Europe Unit of the Research and Development Directorate and the AMU Brussels Office.